clarity flowers

About Me

A full-body mirror selfie of me. I'm look affectionately at my phone with my hand on my face. I have long bleach blond hair that hasn't been bleached in half a year, which you can tell from the roots that nearly reach my eyebrows. I'm wearing a floral blouse, a denim miniskirt, and thigh-highs under a big comfy knee-length cardigan. I have a cute lil leather purse on my side and black suede high-heel boots. My tum shows just a little in the gap between my blouse and skirt.

Queer trans lesbian, she/her. Playful, wistful, strange, and always changing.

I make table-top roleplaying games, music, human-scale software, and other things. Really just here to make friends, fall in love, and help one another grow.

I hope that before I die, I’ll have grown something a little better than I was given, some tiny crack in the world, full of possibilities and love. Something worth passing down.

You can learn more about me by reading what I’ve been journaling about, or wandering through my wiki.

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