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What has grown here?

Written February 6, 2021, last changed May 23, 2021

The ideal way to learn about changes to this site is to revisit it, now and again, when it strikes your fancy, and to wander about as you would a familiar garden. With each visit, old ideas may contain new meaning, and new paths will emerge that you might choose to wander down.

For a more immediate experience, you can check this page.

June 2021

The World Player – Linked to Blorb principles Sorcerous Spells – More spells

May 2021

What has grown here? – Group changes by month How to Play – Expectations, the world player Possessions – Removed consideration of material Sorcerous Spells clarity's wiki – Simplifier, Framing & Hanging, Reorganizing Framing & Hanging Vocations Possessions

April 2021

Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapters 9—13 Cascade clarity's wiki – Added some of my in-progress tabletop rpgs Sub-Systems Character Creation The World Player Dungeon Game How to Play Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapters 7 and 8 Gardening – Initial plan of action Contact Projects clarity's wiki – Trying a different organization structure Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – FInished Chapter 6 (End of part 1) Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapter 4 and 5 Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapter 3 Computers – LineDrive Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapter 2 Seeing Like Squirrels The Suit of Swords Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis – Finished Chapter 1 Tarot – More cards, some quotes on clarifiers The Suit of Wands

March 2021

Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis Sexual Hegemony – Finished the book Notate – Switched from pngs to bmps Notate – Finished png generation, added example output Sexual Hegemony – Finished chapter 5 Notate Site Generator – Added templates Site Generator – Added images About Me The Magician Tarot

February 2021

Toki Pona – Added some sample Toki Pona text. Language Software and Branding Music Site Generator – Rewrote to a more conventional documation format. Sexual Hegemony – Finished chapter 4 Computers – Added some more interesting things Sexual Hegemony – Finished chapter 3 Site Generator – Blank lines are now handled literally in gemini Sexual Hegemony – Finished chapter 2 Toki Pona Gemini Sexual Hegemony – Finished chapter 1 What has grown here? Site Generator – Added a bunch of features clarity's wiki – Added reading notes Site Generator Sexual Hegemony Computers – Added project link to sitegen

January 2021

What is this? – Added Walter Benjamin quotes clarity's wiki What is this? Gardening Computers clarity flowers Clarity's Journal Convenience, scale, and tabs