Clarity Flowers

I can only aspire to be as creative and overall well-rounded of a programmer.
Clarity builds and design systems that others enjoy working in.
Clarity is an excellent advisor to folks ranging from new engineers, all the way up to leaders in the company.
I still always remind myself ‘WWCD’ (What Would Clarity Do) before I put up any code changes.
I really appreciate how thoughtful Clarity is, she’s someone whose opinions and advice I really trust and I think our engineering team would not be what it is today without her contributions.
Clarity is the first engineer I hired, and has truly set the bar for excellence on our engineering team and our organization in so many ways.
Clarity has an incredibly strong sense of our product and mission.
She’s the bee’s knees 💯


Freelance Contracting

Mar ’23—Present


Aug ’22—Feb ’23 Senior Software Engineer

Ride Report

May ’20—Jun ’22 Senior Software Engineer

Ride Report

Jan ’19—May ’20 Software Engineer

CDK Global

March ’16—Dec ’18 Software Engineer


Jul ’15—Nov ’15Database Engineering Intern