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Written February 27, 2021

This page happens to be about conlangs (artificially constructed languages) right now because I'm on a Toki Pona kick, but I'm not really much of a conlang girl because I find almost all of them to be a bit interesting but ultimately not even remotely worth the time compared to learning established natural languages.

Toki Pona

Toki Pona is a constructed laguage with a tiny vocabulary and a surprising amount of character.

Toki Pona

Interesting Things

Viossa is a "con-pidgin", an intentionally constructed pidgin produced by a friend group of linguists who decided to try to learn to speak with each starting only with languages that they didn't share in common. This video touched me in a way that really surprised me. Something beautiful, strange, and precious.

Conlang Critic: Viossa