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Notate will be a tool for generating low-color bmps of staff music notation.

Pixelated music notes over staff lines. The eighth notes, starting from middle C, spell out do re me fa sol, down an octave sol, up to re ti do.

Current Status

I’m using Nasu to draw the sprites and store them as the NES .chr data format. Those sprites are blitted onto a color-indexed image, then the image is rendered into a BMP.

Nasu, a pixel editor

Why BMPs?

In the interest of keeping the tool as simple as possible and removing any dependencies on complex compression libraries, I wanted an uncompressed output format. You can use ImageMagick to compress the result:

notate "drmfsltd" | magick bmp:- my_image.png

ImageMagick – Convert, Edit, or Compose Digital Images

Reference Material

Simplified Windows BMP Bitmap File Format Specification