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Toki Pona

Written February 13, 2021, last changed February 27, 2021

toki pona li nasin toki. ona li jo nanpa lili nimi. ona li pona tawa mi tan ni: sina sona ala e ijo la sina ken ala toki lon ona. sina toki lon sona sina ike la sina kepeken e nimi lili mute. nimi ni li toki lon nasin sona sina. tenpo sike lili a la sina ken kama sona e toki pona. ni li musi tan mi a.

Toki Pona is a language with a small number of words. I like Toki Pona because if you don't understand something, you can't talk about it. In order to talk about large, complicated concepts, you have to use many smaller words, and the words you use say something about the way you think. You can learn Toki Pona in just a few days, which I think is fun!


My favorite toki pona lessons A toki pona dictionary ma pona pi toki pona, a Discord server for sharing, enjoying, and using Toki Pona

Writing Systems

Sitelen pona, simple heiroglyphs A simple sitelen pona font A sitelen pona font with some fancy features sitelen sitelen, an ornamental nonlinear writing system