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Dungeon Game

You understand that the world was not always like this, all cracked apart and deadly. You know too that the collapsed ruins that the goblins build their homes upon were once mighty monuments to the rule of their long-dead sorcerer kings. You know that the gods once walked among us, and those that remain offer no blessings. You know also that amidst this struggle there is beauty, passed down from one hand to another, through generations, conveyed by stories, by the land we tend to, by the things we make and the trades we master.

You are a wanderer, restless and free, leaving behind family and home for a land that bleeds from old wounds, where strange beasts prowl, where ghosts still mourn the passing of a forgotten time, and where goblins pick at the remains. You know that out here, it’s important to remember where you came from.

Dungeon Game is a forged-in-the-dark dungeon-crawling tabletop role-playing game about heritage, ecosystems, and our relationship to material things. It is still a work in progress.

The name is a placeholder until I think of something actually good.

Dungeon game has a lot of mechanics in the service of making the game feel tangible, weighty, and meaningful, but at no point is realism a goal except in how it achieves the above aims.

Dungeon game is my attempt to reconcile the things I like about D&D (navigating strange, beautiful, and dangerous places; deadly encounters; a slow sense of mastery; weird fantasy) with the many things that no longer sit right with me. The result is something at once familiar and strange.

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