Dungeon Game

Sorcerous Spells

Spell Durations

Spell List


With a subtle gesture, an object held in your hand vanishes. An item thus pocketed continues to burden as before, but no longer can be found anywhere on your person. It can be drawn forth from the pocket at will, appearing from nowhere. Lasts until broken or the item is removed.

Wind’s Grace

You or someone nearby gains the lightness of wind-spirits. Those affected can leap twice the normal height, can climb with ease, and fall with the gentle descent of a twirling seed-pod. Lasts for a turn.


At your touch a door springs open, a container unlatches, a knot unravels, even if locked, stuck, or sealed. Gives you the chance to pass through sorcerous seals and barriers.


Tracing symbols over a door, container, or knot renders it unopenable (or untieable) without great strength or arcane powers. [Maybe you can spend variable amounts of time to improve the strength of the seal?]


Cupping your hands together, you gather a nearly-invisible sorcerous dust and use your breath to blow it away, stretching towards someone a short range away. You can charm them, and if successful, they fall into a deep sleep that lasts about 8 hours. They won’t wake from loud noises or if they are lightly jostled or gently carried, but an injury or too much motion will break the spell.


At your touch, something made of stone, dirt, metal, or other minerals melts away: a solid stone wall, a metal blade, a doorknob. With concentration, you can instead attempt to cobble the object into another form. You can only make things that you know how to craft, so you if you have no familiarity with the forge you’ll be at a serious disadvantage trying to turn a helmet into a knife. You can produce rough shapes in an instant, and precise fine detail might take a whole day. The spell only reshapes and does not create or destroy anything, so you can’t produce something from nothing or change between two different kinds of matter.