clarity flowers


Not updating this site very often but every once in a while I pop in and dust something off.

I've been unemployed and am looking for a job. Maybe hire me? I'm a full-stack web-dev and pretty good at what I do.

My resume

My band released a single that I'm really proud of. I play keys and sing harmony vox. The band has been my #1 creative focus lately and I'm learning a lot from it.

"Approaching Green Hill Zone" by Tell Me I'm Good; Tell Me I'm Pretty.

Still learning how to cook and collecting good easy staples that I can make for my loved ones and fancier dishes that I can impress my friends with.


Studying japanse using WaniKani. Reading Yotsuba& and random BlueSky posts as my primary way of practicing in the wild.

WaniKani 日本語